Allan MacKenzieEP/Director-Cinematographer & Fashion-Interiors Photographer.


Allan is an Australian Award Finalist in recognition of Best Online 

Promotional Video by the Australian Video Producers Association.

He is also a globally recognised specialist in architectural-interiors photography and filmmaking for the luxury built environment. Other recognised specialties include aerial cinematography and photography for the luxury yachting industry. Allan has worked on projects in China and Asia for Australian based clients. He also services clients from Brisbane, Gold Coast to the the Sunshine Coast and is available for projects throughout Australia and worldwide.

After graduating from the Queensland School of Film and Television Allan owned and operated a photography-marketing agency and has been a pioneer in supplying professional photography and video to the luxury built environment for the last 2 decades; placing South East Queensland on the world stage as a global leader in visual marketing. During this time he established a video production company specialising in corporate video production with projects domestically and internationally for household brands.

Alongside his visual artistic talents, Allan is an accomplished musician. He was one of the original founding members of Australia’s premier Pro-Am Theatre Company; heading up technical production for the Harvest Rain Theatre Company for ten years from the mid-1980s. Allan was a finalist in the Queensland Music awards for best songwriter and song off his debut guitar instrumental CD.

Backed by decades of creative industry experience and solid, industry knowledge, Allan is a trusted creative professional: delivering a high quality product with exceptional service.

Specialising in Luxury Yacht Advertising, Interiors, Fashion & Celebrity Photography including Brand Storytelling

Yachting, Architecture, Interiors, Hotels, Fashion, Branding, Marketing.

Karen Wulff
Producer/Fashion Stylist & Choreographer.

Karen’s eye for quality and glamour elevates her to an industry stand out, a cut above. Coupled with her global travels immersing herself in fashion locations like New York and various European countries gives her a unique sense of style that will ensure you project your brand story in front of the camera but also adding her own trademark IT factor to any fashion and celebrity production campaign.

With an eye for high quality detail and style Karen is a trusted professional: delivering a high quality product with exceptional service.

Specialising in Production for Fashion and Celebrity Advertising

Fashion, Celebrity, Styling, Choreography and Producing.